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What Should You Do At The Very First Week After Getting A Puppy Home? Read Below!

There is nothing more exciting than getting a puppy home. However, a puppy can be the best blessing for you that keeps you more engaging and happy throughout the day. A small-sized furry friend is like a toddler that is easy to hold in the lap or cuddle. You even experience that once you cuddle the canine in your arms, they also love you more and show you that they are blessed to be with you. With having a four-legged friend at your home, you can easily add more fun to your life. The pups love to sit beside your feet and look at you to get more love, affection. And attention.

Furthermore, it is true that you can adopt a puppy at any time. But, before it, you have to ensure that you and your family members are ready to add a four-legged member into the family. And you also have to ensure that you have more time to spend on the furry friend for their better care. And, after buying a puppy for your home, you have to do many more things, especially in the first week, to help the pups to fit at your place.

Here is the list of things that you should do in the first week after getting a puppy home:

Get Your Supplies Before Bringing A Pet Dog At Home!

Before bringing a puppy home, you have to ensure that you pick up all supplies. The basic supplies, the collar, ID, specific designed food of the puppy, food and water bowl, poop bags, leash, calming aids, etc. that help the dog to be with you comfortably. Make sure this basic stuff also allows you to survive with the dog at home.

In addition, you also have to bring a crate, crate pad, pillow, dog’s soft toys, and puppy bed. And, don’t forget to bring puppy pee pads and pee cleaner. Because in starting you would have to use it more.

Ensure Your Home Is Safe When A Furry Friend Arrives!

Before getting a puppy home, you have to ensure that you cover all the electric wires, cables, etc., that the dog can easily chew. You have to also keep your shoe out of the reach of the dog because it can be easily chewed. However, you can bring some soft chew items for your puppy friend. You can do one thing, keep them in the crate when you are leaving them alone. And, in the starting ensure you keep them with yourself. It can be the best option for avoiding any dangers.

Begin House Training At The First Week!

Now, it is a perfect time to start the pup’s house training. You can take your puppy out of the home frequently after every 2-3 hours for pee or toilet. You can fix their schedule of eating, drinking water, pee, and toilet. Feed them at the fixed time, and get them to sleep. By doing this, you will experience that puppy routine is set. And you can easily enjoy your pet time.

Socialize Your Canine Right Away!

Start socializing with your puppies. Make sure, don’t bring too many toys during the first week, because it can be overwhelming. Rather than keeping them alone to play with the toys, spend more time, and make bonds with you and your family. Teach puppies how to interact with the other person and how to show love, etc.

Visit Veterinarian!

Visit your veterinarian within the first week after getting a puppy home. Schedule their vaccination, get a health checkup, ensure you are feeding puppies the right kind of food, and time-frequency is fine.

Reward Good Behavior to Your Puppy!

You have to ensure that you show love to your puppy when they are sleeping or sitting calmly. Once you love your puppy, they will feel blessed and avoid barking when they are sitting quietly. Actually, it is true that dogs barks to get your attention. So never ignore your pets. And, don’t only love them once they bark at you. You can love them every time that helps them to avoid bark without any reason.

Start Your Four-Legged Frind’s “Play Training”!

It is true; pups can’t be more active in the very first week. But you have to start their play training by involving some game-like, playing ball, swimming time, walking, etc. And it all helps them live healthy and happy.

Keep Puppy With Yourself At Bed Time!

You have to keep your puppy with yourself at bedtime. Maybe sleeping a puppy on your bed is not right, but you can keep a canine in your bedroom. You can sleep furry friend in a crate that is cozy and comfortable. You can also teach your puppy; the crate is their “go-to” place.

Final Thoughts!

Now, you will understand what you need to do after getting a puppy home. In addition, you also have to make sure the dog breeds are suitable for you and your family. With the dog, you can spend a lot of time saying hello to a fun and healthy lifestyle.

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